3 Perfect Lunch Box Recipes | Gordon Ramsay

With school starting back up again soon, here are some deliciously simple recipes that are perfect to take into work or for the kids in school.

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  • Thank you, chef Gordon for your sharing your incredible culinary knowledge and experience. My fondest memories. Cheers!!

    Eyobel John 18/10/2022 pm1:18
  • I am totally going to get up in the morning and make my kids this restaurant-style food for lunch. 🙄 Or maybe, I’ll just make this amazing food later in the day and we can have it for dinner. 😃

    Ms. Kathleen 18/10/2022 pm1:18
  • I want a Gordon Ramsey kitchen. Not 'I would like' oh no no no, I want. 🤗

    Corinne Clarke 18/10/2022 pm1:18
  • gnam😋 looks delicious

    Mari Sri88 18/10/2022 pm1:18
  • So flour, egg, potatoes, peas, butter, ricotta and milk in your kitchen gives you at least 15 meals i can think of without even really trying.
    Good things to have.

    mordeys 18/10/2022 pm1:18
  • imagine this with cashewnuts

    AOX-JOSHUA-CB 18/10/2022 pm1:18
  • Who in the world ever just has leftover baked potatoes lying around?! "How many potatoes do you want, one?" "Yeah one for me thanks". Guess I´ll have to upscale the potatoes for the family by around 50% next time!

    Robin Griffin 18/10/2022 pm1:18
  • No fish sauce? Hayy yahhh…..

    JayBird 18/10/2022 pm1:18
  • I loved watching him cooking but I hate cooking.

    Annemazing Nails 18/10/2022 pm1:18
  • I like Gordon but the first Asian dish is just wrong in so many dimensions

    Jiaqi 18/10/2022 pm1:18
  • What the hell is up with the olive oil in a stir fry???

    marskid 18/10/2022 pm1:18
  • Why we call it “lunchbox” and not “dinnerbox” or “breakybox” 😂 just asking

    Kiran Bains 18/10/2022 pm1:18
  • Verry nice डिश

    Shriram Joshi 18/10/2022 pm1:18
  • Good

    Shriram Joshi 18/10/2022 pm1:18
  • 1st dish tasted salty and bland, i added a bit of chilly sauce and sugar to make it better

    Bipin kumar Singh 18/10/2022 pm1:18
  • Every indian child be like okay… There is something else in lunch box than parantha. I will definitely try gnocchi

    Ankur Verma 18/10/2022 pm1:18
  • So this is the second time I am trying to cook Gordon Ramsay’s “easy 10 minutes recepy” but for some reason I’ve been in a kitchen for an hour and I’ll be cleaning an hour after 🙄 guys, just watch, don’t try these 🤪🤪🤪

    Ivan Georgiev 18/10/2022 pm1:18
  • Gordon with asian women:
    What's aga aga? I follow recipes and measurements!
    Gordon in his videos:

    Rikari Ryou 18/10/2022 pm1:18
  • this is a repost, not a new episode

    jake anderson 18/10/2022 pm1:18
  • took him 20 minutes to cut the chicken

    Tomato Brush 18/10/2022 pm1:18
  • Tip: add some five Spice

    The Beat J 18/10/2022 pm1:18
  • Gordon's "touch" of parmigiano alone would wipe out a chunk of my budget 🤣

    Alban Musa 18/10/2022 pm1:18
  • Anyone know what okata ring is 🙏

    Sandy Cantu 18/10/2022 pm1:18
  • What is okata ring

    Sandy Cantu 18/10/2022 pm1:18
  • Me gustan los platos simples y con ingredientes fáciles de conseguir … hoy aprendí acerca de los gnocchi siempre los veía en el supermarket pero no sabia que eran 😂😂😂.

    28carrasquillo 18/10/2022 pm1:18
  • Hey Gordon try this for me I want you to take the beans pinto beans and soak them until it becomes like an acid soda pop and then I want you to take the juice from soaking the beans and I want you to use it for a yeast on bread in your flour I want you to see if it's yeast if yeast is actually made out of pinto beans

    Tammy Royce 18/10/2022 pm1:18
  • Asian food doesn’t use olive oil

    Diana K 18/10/2022 pm1:18
  • Brockly

    Dan Gleebles 18/10/2022 pm1:18
  • I love the way I can't actually relate to his way of cooking!

    E DPS 18/10/2022 pm1:18
  • love his first and second dishes. However, my Asian ancestors are crying because of how he cooked the rice like that. Rice can not be cooked in 15 minutes. lol

    Khue Bui 18/10/2022 pm1:18
  • My ❤️ love! 😘😘😘😘😘

    Catrina Craft 18/10/2022 pm1:18
  • Gordon inspires to cook. the minute details in his commentary doesn't allow you to fast forward the video. I have a question why didn't he wash the rice.

    Angelin Nadar 18/10/2022 pm1:18
  • The British in him jumped out when he added peas to the gnocchi 😭

    OBVSLYSNOWY 18/10/2022 pm1:18
  • 1:07 Come on Gordon that chicken breast doesn't look like a butterfly 😂 Am i the only one who sees it?

    Saniya Shilamkar 18/10/2022 pm1:18
  • Honestly I love this man, his skills are perfect. I'm student becoming a best chef

    Faith mwila Tumelo 18/10/2022 pm1:18
  • I'm making that stir fry for myself and sending the kids to school with a luncheable lol.

    Rocky Seay 18/10/2022 pm1:18
  • Superb 😋😋

    parvin khan 18/10/2022 pm1:18
  • For your Asian noodles recipe, olive oil has too low of smoke point. If you're doing high heat, consider peanut or canola oil. Sesame oil is a great flavor infuser.

    Nicole 18/10/2022 pm1:18
  • a great great, great, cook

    alex searer 18/10/2022 pm1:18
  • I know his pan is special and is ok with metal tongs but it always scares me when he use it since I'm super cautious about my pans

    RainyDayBX 18/10/2022 pm1:18
  • In indonesia, this food is "KWETIAW"

    Gamaliel Arigovo 18/10/2022 pm1:18