3 Delicious Brunch Recipes | Gordon Ramsay

Here are three delicious recipes that you can make at your next brunch!

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    News Mdmssb 24/10/2022 pm7:56
  • I was always so confused with the British metric measurements versus our standard American units. For instance, I learned that when Gordon says one teaspoon of olive oil, that equals one metric ton.

    Colin Chesbrough 24/10/2022 pm7:56
  • thats definitely what i call a steak sandwich

    The Moffman 24/10/2022 pm7:56
  • I thought he said grill it for 45 mins.

    Fiach O'Connor 24/10/2022 pm7:56
  • Very nice fritata recipe sir Ramsay thanks for sharing

    Lutong Pilipino At Iba Pa 24/10/2022 pm7:56
  • What happens to all these food Gordon cooks🤷🏽‍♀️

    P N 24/10/2022 pm7:56
  • "keep it casual"
    CASUALLY uses the rolls Royce cut of meat to make a sandwich 😂😂

    Kohaku Saiba 24/10/2022 pm7:56
  • I use 3/4 milk and 1/4 yogurt for sweet and 1/2 – 1/2 for salty food – they're always amazing! Even the first one! 8)

    Dusan Zdravkovic 24/10/2022 pm7:56
  • PEAS? In a Frittata??? Can someone that has made this verify that it doesn't ruin the dish?

    (A quick google search shows me that only 2% of Frittata recipes have the word "peas" in them)

    SnowBloom3D 24/10/2022 pm7:56
  • "

    This video I present to you is for everyone who admires the wonders he creates with the world of cuisine and especially Gordon Ramsay! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PR-9EzqEUzY"

    Kalina Klanzunuva 24/10/2022 pm7:56
  • Looks awesome but I wish he would use more ingredients one would find in an average kitchen lol maybe gear recipes towards the working class hahahaha

    Justin Fleming 24/10/2022 pm7:56
  • https://youtu.be/mU0MMNsSNRg Strawberry Sauce 🍓🍓🍓

    Sunny 24/10/2022 pm7:56
  • 16:15 It's RAAAWWWW!!
    Get out of here!!!

    Radmy P. 24/10/2022 pm7:56
  • Gordon truly loves food and cooking.That silly look on his face after he completes a dish is funny.You gotta love this guys passion🤣🤣🤣😂😂👍👍

    Kris Simms 24/10/2022 pm7:56
  • Handy tip.. remember after you've taken the pan out of the oven, to leave a towel on the handle!!!!!!! I'd forgotten that I had my pan in the oven, the handle was so hot it took about 5 seconds for me to realise how hot it was!

    JB 24/10/2022 pm7:56
  • what is the oven temp on the frittta? And time

    Scott DeHoog 24/10/2022 pm7:56
  • Does “turn the grill on” mean stove or broil?

    boldtaa 24/10/2022 pm7:56
  • Gorden makes it look so easy. Great chef.

    Paulette O Brien 24/10/2022 pm7:56
  • Nothing better then bacon and eggs, great brunch Chef, keep up the excellent video recipes, you rule the cooking game!

    Cindys Home Kitchen 24/10/2022 pm7:56
  • what temp do you put the filet on oven at?

    rodeo clown obama 24/10/2022 pm7:56
  • I eat bologna sandwiches for brunch

    Pharmz 24/10/2022 pm7:56
  • That’s not a pancake, that’s a crepe.

    Tonya Hammond 24/10/2022 pm7:56
  • he is a master at. salt,pepper,oil and butter

    JustAnotherTowerClimber 24/10/2022 pm7:56
  • Thank you very much for sharing your wonderful recipes!
    I would like to know if the beetroot that you used in your cured salmon , is cooked or crude.
    I am from Colombia , South America!
    Thank you very much!

    Ana Maria Mejia 24/10/2022 pm7:56
  • goat cheese is disgusting

    Seventeenmango7 24/10/2022 pm7:56
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  • Yummm

    Aliza Luce 24/10/2022 pm7:56
  • The steak sandwich recipe is amazing, and indeed brought a smile to everyone's face. That is, until I had to explain to my wife why I dropped $75 US on a center-cut tenderloin filet just to make a half-dozen sammies. I suspect Gordon's definition and budget for "fun and casual" is a wee bit different than most. It was damn good, regardless, and well worth the banning from the kitchen for a month.

    Craig 24/10/2022 pm7:56
  • Those spicy pancakes are just a fancy version of Masala Dosa.

    Admirable Tadpole 24/10/2022 pm7:56
  • Looks awesome, take the stink GOAT cheese away ASAP!!

    Rikk233 24/10/2022 pm7:56
  • Yummy. …I can even smell it from where I am😊looks delicious 💖thanks for sharing the recipes.

    Ursula Hutchins 24/10/2022 pm7:56
  • Fuck me, how can I afford all this ingredients?

    Tibor Vari 24/10/2022 pm7:56
  • I'm not professional chef
    Without watch this video I made a dishe similar this one.
    I just inspired myself
    I have many skills of cooking….
    Many inspiration….

    Miguela Recio food designer & more 24/10/2022 pm7:56
  • That steak sandwich took me out 😩😍

    Nancy Gonzalez 24/10/2022 pm7:56