3 Delicious Breakfast Recipes | Gordon Ramsay

Here are three easy breakfast recipes to try during the week! Merguez & fontina stuffed croissants, Spiced egg & spinach breakfast wrap & the classic Scotch egg.

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  • September 15 2006

    The Lion King Sausage Party Mash Up 21/10/2022 pm12:31
  • honest I hate these videos, the motion of the camera just makes me motion sick

    Cj Lin 21/10/2022 pm12:31
  • Raw turmeric in yoghurt..??😮😮

    AB 21/10/2022 pm12:31
  • Love From India🇮🇳🇮🇳

    Soham Gupta 21/10/2022 pm12:31
  • I watch kitchen nightmare all time

    Alan Jackson Fans 21/10/2022 pm12:31
  • Never thought we can use Garam masala for omelettes. So interesting

    Vaibhav Agarwal 21/10/2022 pm12:31
  • Too much onion on your breath from bkfast, too much unhealthy butter,naan fattening otherwise om

    Andrew Harris 21/10/2022 pm12:31
  • Spices in the morning is a bad idea

    Alex Alexandre 21/10/2022 pm12:31
  • Too much butter 😢

    Alex Alexandre 21/10/2022 pm12:31
  • You are welcome in Tunidia and try our fstreet food ..you always have something to discover there

    Baccari Marouen 21/10/2022 pm12:31
  • Looks stunning 🤩 Check out some of my recipes too and let me know what you think 💭

    Project Protein 21/10/2022 pm12:31
  • In india we don't pour yogurt or curd over hot food.

    DONA ELSA GEORGE 21/10/2022 pm12:31
  • I didn’t even watch the video and I already subbed to his channel!

    Nardos Aklilu 21/10/2022 pm12:31
  • Lovely ideas

    Martina Condon 21/10/2022 pm12:31
  • Gordon got music playing background never noticed he had done that

    Zus The Bruce 21/10/2022 pm12:31
  • 👍 you are the best.

    Ingrid Overman 21/10/2022 pm12:31
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    Einfo Create 21/10/2022 pm12:31
  • Note to self: When Gordan says a touch of butter, he means half a stick; When he says a tablespoon of olive oil, he means 3. LOL

    skynosaka 21/10/2022 pm12:31
  • Necesito su cocina,amo su cocina ❣

    fatima ayala 21/10/2022 pm12:31
  • Ive never seen somone throw salt on a dried smoked sausage

    Swen Oyme 21/10/2022 pm12:31
  • I appreciate that you're inspired by Indian food but while you're being "inspired", as a celebrity chef you need to know that there's no word like "naan bread". Someone whose internationally acclaimed like yourself needs to know that naan bread like saying "bread bread" because naan means bread in Hindi. I don't intend to bash you but it's words like these that distort our culture and the way people view it. I just expect some accountability from your end since so many people view your videos and take what you say seriously. So please. Naan not naan bread.

    foreverconfused 21/10/2022 pm12:31
  • Did he just scrap the non stick pan with a fork? 🙈

    Kathy O' Hare 21/10/2022 pm12:31
  • Bo’el ov Wo’aa

    Parzival 21/10/2022 pm12:31
  • A Bo’el of Wo’aa

    Parzival 21/10/2022 pm12:31
  • Jesus Crist precious blood, I am the way, the truth and the life.
    No one comes to the Father YOUR GOD, except through me.
    Pray to Him and the Holy Spirits and the blessing mother the Virgin Mary
    Repent and Believed in them.

    laura gonzalez 21/10/2022 pm12:31
  • That bread is not a naan bread, but they are called paratha, British supermarkets sell it in frozen isle. It looked so delicious but you use too much butter.

    Anjna G 21/10/2022 pm12:31
  • Those onions are 80% burned

    victor bazaldua 21/10/2022 pm12:31
  • Bbnn

    Caleb Adams 21/10/2022 pm12:31
  • bonjour bravo pour toutes vos recettes , mais difficile en anglais , possible en Français? ou au moins en recette en bas de la vidéo merci

    lili lolo 21/10/2022 pm12:31
  • Gordon, in france you can be killed for doing that to the croissant ….

    Raph.Cohen 21/10/2022 pm12:31
  • Nice stuff and a lot of work done ✅

    Structore Denom Stuf 21/10/2022 pm12:31
  • He does it all like it's nothing . It's crazy . You can just tell he has years and years of experience

    Logan ? 21/10/2022 pm12:31
  • 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    BV's KITCHEN 21/10/2022 pm12:31
  • I had vision..a person covered in white cloth..face couldn't be seen… .sat on my dining chair…thank that person..In india, visitors/guests are said God!

    Mona Singh - The O + 21/10/2022 pm12:31
  • Never put turmeric raw in the yoghurt, it's always put in hot dishes to take away the raw flavour. We do not put turmeric raw in yoghurt.

    P K 21/10/2022 pm12:31
  • When making the filling for the croissants he added salt, then capers (which is salty), then salt on the cheese just before grilling! 😱

    Tessa Pietersen 21/10/2022 pm12:31
  • 7:21 bit xenophobic Gordon! lmao

    Stephen McGrann 21/10/2022 pm12:31