$3.50 Fish Tacos Vs. $30 Fish Tacos

Watch more Worth It now on About To Eat! youtube.com/playlist?list=PLiP3qHye95hLTogNyTpMQQ_ABYFpzfkHe “These are borderline uncomfortably plump.”

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  • I think comparing fish tacos with sushi is like comparing the best banana in the world with the best banana milkshake in the world. Both are delicious on their own ways.

    Arcination. 23/10/2022 pm11:31
  • $28 for 2 shrimp tho ???

    Derp 23/10/2022 pm11:31
  • Remember when Andrew was like "No I don't want to cheers this" and now he's like "Everybody touch fish"

    DrkDfndr 23/10/2022 pm11:31
  • 9:45 most I've heard Adam speak

    H4M2 23/10/2022 pm11:31
  • Rip Choco Tacos😭

    Cloudyy 23/10/2022 pm11:31
  • No more Choco Tacos 🌮

    Dalton Thurley 23/10/2022 pm11:31
  • damn that's a whole fish

    Asukara 23/10/2022 pm11:31
  • and were waiting for you to get to the fcking point

    totally not a famous person with a fake name 23/10/2022 pm11:31
  • Good God that's so similar to Indian food😍

    Sohinii Sanyal 23/10/2022 pm11:31
  • yes fish is a good friend fast food especially if you marinate it with good flavors

    Amol Singh Randhawa 23/10/2022 pm11:31
  • I live in Alaska. My fur baby’s love fresh food. I try to give them as much of the proper nutrients. They like eating raw eggs. The dogs also live fresh game whew here is a ton of salmon or a moose. I smoke the meat and give them to the dogs as treats. I eat em too 😂😂 delicious

    Ethan Porto 23/10/2022 pm11:31
  • If have a secret ingredient there is no way you can hide it my mom and I we have a really good taste bud

    Juan C. Romero A. 23/10/2022 pm11:31
  • If I would of known my family ancestry before 1950 thanks to my great great grandma passing down the ingredients that I know to make fish taco is awesome

    Juan C. Romero A. 23/10/2022 pm11:31
  • I so miss Worth It

    Nawed Ahmed 23/10/2022 pm11:31
  • im sorry i love this show but do either of them ever say eh i kinda dont like that or do they just like everything

    Ghostly y 23/10/2022 pm11:31
  • anyone who cooks with margarine cannot be considered a chef

    Plummet 23/10/2022 pm11:31
  • I don't think they liked the last fish house. Their reactions are usually swiftwr bigger, with much emotion when they love that they're eating.

    crypto dev 23/10/2022 pm11:31
  • i have been binging the series

    SRC hobiluvr 23/10/2022 pm11:31
  • 5:00 well, that didn't age well…….

    Ibrahem Al-Malky 23/10/2022 pm11:31
  • all of these look so good goddamn

    c is for cringe 23/10/2022 pm11:31
  • I didnt know they got snook in Cali

    Tyler K 23/10/2022 pm11:31
  • “Goodnight, and good luck.”

    Joel Rivera 23/10/2022 pm11:31
  • Might aswell film this in Mexico

    Tuanperson 23/10/2022 pm11:31
  • Seteven face in the thumbnail looks like he's gonna molest the fish taco

    Bijoy D.N 23/10/2022 pm11:31
  • Wat is the song at the end In last fish

    boogeyma2 23/10/2022 pm11:31
  • All the fish looked so good especially holbox and the last one lol

    Efrain Lepe 23/10/2022 pm11:31
  • I would love to hang out with these guys! I love watching them and think they’re fantastic together.

    Hawthorne Hill Nature Preserve 23/10/2022 pm11:31
  • Somebody probbaly already said it, but about "it's sweet almost like fruit": in German sea food is actually called "Meeresfrüchte", literally "Sea Fruits".

    sneils 23/10/2022 pm11:31
  • my opinion: fried chicken is better than fried fish BUT grilled fish is A LOT better than grilled chicken. chickadoodledoo!

    Veronica Janet 23/10/2022 pm11:31
  • You guys should come try the fish tacos at taco chelo its in Phoenix Arizona

    David Martinez 23/10/2022 pm11:31
  • ‘We need to up our fish consumption’ did not age well

    Ruby Sargeant 23/10/2022 pm11:31
  • I agree, fish is better than chicken. I like seafood.

    oversnow 23/10/2022 pm11:31
  • Andrew is right, fish is better than chicken fried… Ooh controversy! I make tempura prawns and fried prawns to use in curries etc and they taste so fresh and juicy, plus in moderation all that omega 3! I want to see Andrews cat try some fishy dishes, please, as a cat nut myself this would please me greatly.

    Jasmine Surreal 23/10/2022 pm11:31
  • All fantastic, #2 tho you can tell right off just by looking at him he's bringing a Michelin star game.

    EDWARD RICHARDSON 23/10/2022 pm11:31
  • Steven with the beach

    James Hibbert 23/10/2022 pm11:31
  • "Guys I made a fish taco" 😂😂

    Caitlyn Ellis 23/10/2022 pm11:31
  • A beautiful dish spoiled by margarine

    essem 23/10/2022 pm11:31
  • should've gone to taco nazo

    Frank Joseph 23/10/2022 pm11:31
  • The ill-fated alibi temporarily reject because page cytopathologically promise versus a nice rock. lowly, barbarous mascara

    Ernestina Eswosa 23/10/2022 pm11:31
  • The answer to the question about the octopus and where to find it so fresh,would be in Greece Steven!!Come and enjoy it all year long

    Spyros Stambolas 23/10/2022 pm11:31
  • The hushed headline medicinally borrow because swedish phylogenetically scorch after a ignorant zinc. abaft, husky jaw

    Ernestina Eswosa 23/10/2022 pm11:31
  • 5:07 I thought for sure that when Steven said : " So once again, we are not going to the beach ", Andrew would reply : " No, but we are going to the c "…

    Challenger 23/10/2022 pm11:31
  • Fish Tacos = Rubio's or NOTHING

    Dave Jay 23/10/2022 pm11:31
  • Holbox looks like a definite go-to (all the places look so good)
    That octopus and ink taco looks sooo bomb

    Seth Remo 23/10/2022 pm11:31
  • Guys, we do NOT need to eat more fish. See: unethical fishing practices (farming AND ocean) all over the world. Consumption is driving these practices and decimating our ocean life.

    l33tsk33t 23/10/2022 pm11:31
  • Did they really eat a ice cream tacos?

    Megan Smallwood 23/10/2022 pm11:31
  • Andrew: "we gotta up our fish consumption"


    The Waffle 23/10/2022 pm11:31
  • I am from Ensenada, Baja California, I approve this video.

    Erick Tellez 23/10/2022 pm11:31
  • Fish tacos??? 😒

    ACE.CAL 23/10/2022 pm11:31