24 Simple Yet Delicious Breakfast Ideas || 5-Minute Breakfast Recipes

Tasty breakfast ideas you can do when you’re on a budget

We all have many eggs in our fridge at ay given point. And there are so many breakfast recipes you can do every day without ever getting tired of them.
You can break an egg, separate it from the egg yolk and then whisk them separately to make a delicious omelet.
You can also make toast with eggs and cream cheese on the sides, bake them in the oven to enjoy a delicious breakfast full of protein.
Alternatively, you try making delicious toast in your waffle maker and accompany it with chocolate syrup.
Take an egg yolk, cover it in break crumps, and then fry in some oil to enjoy a crispy little treat with your breakfast.
For those times that you want to get more creative, take some hard-boiled eggs, mix them with spices, and then add some mayo. Cover the egg white with breadcrumbs, cook the lightly and then turn them into deviled eggs.

0:07 – Delicious egg recipes
2:45 – Rolled-up bacon toast with eggs
5:22 – Tasty omelet bakes
8:37 – Cucumber sandwich
10:58 – Omelet toast
14:42 – French toast

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