$226 vs $18 Roast Chicken Dinner: Pro Chef & Home Cook Swap Ingredients | Epicurious

Professional chef Lish Steiling and home cook Lorenzo are swapping recipes and hitting the kitchen! We set Lorenzo up with the finest ingredients from chef Lish’s kitchen along with her recipe for an unforgettable $226 roast chicken. Always up for a challenge, Lorenzo consulted with food scientist Rose for a quick pregame to help him get started. Meanwhile over with chef Lish, a much more typical $18 worth of ingredients were being finessed up to gourmet status via sheer skill and professional know-how. Which one looks best to you?

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Keep up with Lorenzo at @rollinabenzo

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  • You are a chicken.😂😂😂😂

    Sarah Baloch 26/10/2022 pm7:25
  • Bro, Lorenzo just radiates positive energy.

    WeirdPringlesChip 26/10/2022 pm7:25
  • Lorenzo saying "You're pretty" to the chicken is pretty much me flirting

    Ohiko 26/10/2022 pm7:25
  • 🤣🤣🤣👏👏👏👏✌️

    Feli Cidade 26/10/2022 pm7:25
  • Can I just say Lorenzo should have his own show. Man I'd watch that guy all day🤣🤣

    Jarrod Todd 26/10/2022 pm7:25
  • Lish is amazing in this vid

    Mighty_Porg 26/10/2022 pm7:25
  • Home Cook Lorenzo sounds exactly like Ralph Macchio.

    Timmy Menard 26/10/2022 pm7:25
  • Lorenzo is constantly popping off dad jokes whenever he isn’t cooking

    kazehana877 26/10/2022 pm7:25
  • My heart broke a little when Lish said she was married ❤️

    John Fitzpatrick 26/10/2022 pm7:25
  • man Lorenzo is such a fun guy. he genuinely loves cooking and being goofy at the same time. 🤣🤣🤣

    Jarjees Tariq 26/10/2022 pm7:25
  • I LOVE this. I'm all about roasted chicken. I do love the Pommes Anna. Yes! Lish, you're awesome. Lorenzo…*giggity*😆😆😆

    Dianne Dixon - TeXXic 26/10/2022 pm7:25
  • half of it was just the balsamic

    TruthTella2 26/10/2022 pm7:25
  • That looks amazing! I am so hungry now! Did the Pro Chef imply that the chicken she gets does NOT have the pink liquid that is always present with raw chicken? If so, where could I get the chicken she gets. That liquid is always so gross.

    AnalysisOnLight 26/10/2022 pm7:25
  • this hurts my british heart

    lois 26/10/2022 pm7:25
  • The corporate capitalist vibes from this channel make me sick but I'm using a YouTube addiction as a coping mechanism to deal with my trauma responses rn so you got my views

    Alex Starks 26/10/2022 pm7:25
  • she's so warming

    MultiNarutofan4ever 26/10/2022 pm7:25
  • Lorenzo is silly, funny and perfect for this job.. Keep it coming !!!

    George Blackwell 26/10/2022 pm7:25
  • Lish is so calm and reassuring! Love learning from her!

    Andie Luke 26/10/2022 pm7:25
  • I need more content with Chef Lish please. Also Lorenzo's Pinoy roots showing saying "Naks naman!"

    Sashimi Art 26/10/2022 pm7:25
  • Lorenzo is unbearable, a complete clown. Can't stand him. Lish, as always – a star!

    lahcim666 26/10/2022 pm7:25
  • her husbent waching YES at 11:55

    Kevin Strock 26/10/2022 pm7:25

    movielove 26/10/2022 pm7:25
  • I love how lorenzo always make me laugh😂😂

    Idiot Cinnamon Roll 26/10/2022 pm7:25
  • I wouldnt eat anything the woman made: she looks insane.

    SqueeshFeesh883yurz 26/10/2022 pm7:25

    Nøxturn 26/10/2022 pm7:25
  • aahh i missed my contry's preserved lemons, make marka taste sooo good

    shoto simps 26/10/2022 pm7:25
  • I love lorenzo's personality

    Lemon 26/10/2022 pm7:25
  • Is lorenzo Filipino?

    Thetan King 26/10/2022 pm7:25
  • amazing Phil 😮

    Gabriela Ruiz 26/10/2022 pm7:25

    Cassi 26/10/2022 pm7:25
  • Lish remembers me as much of my instructor from university.
    Just same straight forward and direct!!!
    Really appreciate it 🧡

    Safiya Star 26/10/2022 pm7:25
  • Spatchcock is a very funny word, and I'm glad they both acknowledge that

    Tuesday Next 26/10/2022 pm7:25
  • I love the fact lorenzo told the chicken that its a chicken

    echo 26/10/2022 pm7:25
  • krillin and bulma have entered the building

    SeArtComms 26/10/2022 pm7:25
  • Aged balsamic vinegar $120… Wow WHAT IS the stuff I buy at the grocery store?

    Future Commentary 26/10/2022 pm7:25
  • "Stand her up and let it rain in there"
    insert kevin hart staring meme

    ꧁ᒍOՏᕼ ꧂ 26/10/2022 pm7:25
  • I love Lish, she is so didactic and soothing

    Juliana Karasawa 26/10/2022 pm7:25
  • More lish please!

    Matt Freije 26/10/2022 pm7:25
  • Take away the pretentious balsamic vinegar and the cost is cut by more then half and get a regular chicken and the fancy potatoes and the cost is about 80 dollars this is the perfect example of trying to be fancy for the sake of being fancy without adding to the actual dish

    Dylan Breault 26/10/2022 pm7:25