20 Minute Recipes With Gordon Ramsay

Here are a few quick, deliciously simple recipes that you can make in 20 minutes.

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  • For Indian family it’s a 3hr journey with big pan😂😊

    Hustlites Gaming 24/10/2022 pm2:29
  • dude stop recycling old videos and come up with something new you twat

    frosty 24/10/2022 pm2:29
  • 👎 I don't like as you cooked the lasagne pasta.

    Giorgio Marx 24/10/2022 pm2:29
  • He Never say how much ingredients we need and how much to put into

    Ofer Keren 24/10/2022 pm2:29
  • Its funny how I found the lettuce uncleaned lmao, 4:25 you can see a little hair. WASH YOUR VEGGIES.

    Yssof alterkait 24/10/2022 pm2:29
  • So much mess in the process…

    Zulekha gangat 24/10/2022 pm2:29
  • i can make chilli con carne in 3 minutes, i get the can, i open it, i put it in a bowl and i microwave it. beat that Ramsay

    P4Piano 24/10/2022 pm2:29
  • I don't have problem cooking, It is indeed fun. I have problem with washing all my vessels post cooking 😛

    geo raj 24/10/2022 pm2:29
  • Yelah bakwan jagung anjir

    Jacqueline McGill 24/10/2022 pm2:29
  • Says bruschetta, makes toast

    NiklasStøterau 24/10/2022 pm2:29
  • Wooooo!!!👍👍

    Ideas Squisitas 24/10/2022 pm2:29
  • stick to beef wellingtons…remember?! THIS IS NOT PAD THAI!!

    doanacookie Nguyen 24/10/2022 pm2:29
  • Salom🙏God bless you to Uncle Gordon ramsay and Aunt.

    Elia Wahyuni 24/10/2022 pm2:29
  • He sounds like he is narrating a funeral service. Must be nice to have maids to shop, prep ingredients, and clean up before and after each cook. I can cook 10 minute meals just like him if I had all that hired help too.

    Sistagal Sistagal 24/10/2022 pm2:29
  • Nice. Very nice.
    Just the shot I needed to get me back in the kitchen enjoying it.
    Very, very much appreciated.

    Richard Hanechak 24/10/2022 pm2:29
  • Thank you. I’m curious why you use olive oil instead of avocado oil… avocado oil has a much higher heat tolerance before becoming toxic like olive oil.

    Christina Cutlass 24/10/2022 pm2:29
  • “And now… A couple of tablespoons of cream…”

    Proceeds to empty his city’s entire supply of cream into the pan

    Nott A Problem UK 24/10/2022 pm2:29
  • This guys bogus

    Ned Doh 24/10/2022 pm2:29
  • Every video of Ramsey’s I watch “ a teaspoon “ he really needs to learn what a teaspoon is 🤣 he thinks it’s a ladle by the looks of it

    Wayne Shone 24/10/2022 pm2:29
  • Yep. I’ve just heard Gordon Ramsey say “acidicness”

    Chancey Pants 24/10/2022 pm2:29
  • Anyone can cook!!!
    even Ramsay does.

    Keira Lee 24/10/2022 pm2:29
  • so I made the leek and mushroom pasta and it was absolutely amazing. can't wait to perfect it.

    rabbetendamoon 24/10/2022 pm2:29
  • Absolutely none of this recipes hace Gordon Ramsay in them. Not even a human thumb. 0/10.

    French Baguette Intelligence 24/10/2022 pm2:29
  • Also known as laab. Nice lift bro.

    Ben Clark 24/10/2022 pm2:29
  • Most overestimated chef ever. The fried rice is the shittest version I've seen…..

    Shadowish L 24/10/2022 pm2:29
  • What kind of chilies are used? Hot, medium, mild?

    Lance Nose 24/10/2022 pm2:29
  • Make dressing first step 1 dork

    Cyrille Segers 24/10/2022 pm2:29
  • Yêu Đức Phúc.

    jian416 w 24/10/2022 pm2:29
  • that is not fried rice

    satchguitar84 24/10/2022 pm2:29
  • Teaspoon only…puts more than a tablespoon of oil in… Lol

    Alex 24/10/2022 pm2:29
  • Your the best chef ever dude! I love what you do. Excellent. Thank you- I always learn a lot watching you cook. Splendid!

    Jason Delotel 24/10/2022 pm2:29
  • way too much ginger wtf

    milos petkovic 24/10/2022 pm2:29
  • Using the fat from the pork to keep this from drying out? Any kosher substitutes? Lamb maybe? A fattier cut of beef instead? I feel like the contrast in ground chicken with ground beef would be too stark.

    Eric Long 24/10/2022 pm2:29
  • I love watching Gordon Ramsay cook. I learned so much from watching him cook.

    Abby Estrada 24/10/2022 pm2:29
  • Cooking never been a chore. Cleaning up is the chore

    Akira Hartono 24/10/2022 pm2:29
  • 8:30 a couple table spoons of cream, empty a whole cup

    Leonard Young 24/10/2022 pm2:29
  • Gordon helped me level up my cooking at home

    Jacked Kerouac 24/10/2022 pm2:29
  • I'm 10.36 minutes in and have seen 3 x 20 minute meals, now I'm seeing males have a smaller left breast too.

    I'm out.

    Damian Schofield 24/10/2022 pm2:29
  • only in England yo7 could get famous. shame on you

    antonio abbate 24/10/2022 pm2:29