2 Recipes To Get You Ready For Autumn | Gordon Ramsay

With Autumn right around the corner, here are two delicious recipes to get you in the mood for those cosy nights in.

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  • Nice and cheap?? Using one full vanilla? And cranberries are very cheap, too, right? Gordon, you have lost touch to the basics.

    Captain Eva Zimmermann 20/10/2022 am11:53
  • Your presentation is so masculine, so full of grace! You own center stage! You are captivating! I can't take my eyes from you! Thank you! 🌷🤗

    Tulip 101 20/10/2022 am11:53
  • This looks so delicious!

    The Imperfect Lotus 20/10/2022 am11:53
  • Have u seen the price of lamb …un buyable

    Ruth irwin 20/10/2022 am11:53
  • What a faff with the apples. Have you seen the cost of a vanilla pod.

    Lancashirelass 20/10/2022 am11:53
  • Fall, yea its here, right along with the cold and getting colder, not my fav. time of the year but the winter foods are so good. Amazon car hop trays.

    Classy Chassey Car Hop Trays 20/10/2022 am11:53
  • What pan is Gordon using??

    Peter Griffinson 20/10/2022 am11:53
  • Fook Me that looks amazing!

    Zeke Lucente 20/10/2022 am11:53
  • that lamb looks amazing

    joseph malik 20/10/2022 am11:53
  • This gave me chills, incredible chef.

    Drizy 20/10/2022 am11:53
  • chef i dont like british food has no taste im soory can you cook more sandwiches

    ميار 20/10/2022 am11:53
  • "Roll the joint"

    Nick Mendoza 20/10/2022 am11:53
  • "Roll the joint"

    Nick Mendoza 20/10/2022 am11:53
  • Ace as usual

    Judi Hopewell 20/10/2022 am11:53
  • Gorden ….. I thought you were making an apple pie …. you broke my heart with the feta and spinach

    Heather Hollenmen 20/10/2022 am11:53
  • You are always the best chef ever

    Kazhin 20/10/2022 am11:53
  • Get yourself an induction hob

    Justin Small 20/10/2022 am11:53
  • 👌👍💪♥️😊😋🙏

    Joe Unforgiven 20/10/2022 am11:53
  • 4:10 Fleshlight

    RedYosh98 20/10/2022 am11:53
  • Seeing this catapults me back to my childhood. Love the vibe.

    Specialties co.™ Short profound advises 20/10/2022 am11:53
  • Repet, repet, repet

    Fabrícia Marques 20/10/2022 am11:53
  • Am I the only one who doesn't like at all apple crumble? Actually I don't like the apples in desserts, even though I LOVE drink apple juice or eat them as it is.

    But this recipe look great!

    MANOLIA Loizou 20/10/2022 am11:53
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    Marcus Bridgette 20/10/2022 am11:53
  • Create New content. Stop using old clips over and over. Set 1 day off, and creates some new content. If ya keep this i remove sub.

    jakob rasmussen 20/10/2022 am11:53
  • На шмоньку похоже

    AndPav 20/10/2022 am11:53
  • Fuck me your good great tips you make me look a genius with my family

    Latic Man 20/10/2022 am11:53
  • Unspeakable once you two break his cube

    Shani Miller 20/10/2022 am11:53
  • It would fantastic if he held cooking classes for those people across the world who want to learn the art of cooking. I for one would be honored to learn how to properly cook from Gordon. I know he has cook books but to actually be in a kitchen setting where he teaches proper knife skills and portion sizes and etc would just be amazing honestly.

    heather ivy 20/10/2022 am11:53
  • if u havent seen his graham norton interview go watch now its hilarious

    Chris Bradley 20/10/2022 am11:53
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    Linda Dawson 20/10/2022 am11:53
  • That vanilla costs more than my kidney

    kocahilmi 20/10/2022 am11:53
  • Same lamb as last video

    Captain higgins 20/10/2022 am11:53
  • Helo ông

    BETA anime 20/10/2022 am11:53
  • I try make this home

    Henrik Järving 20/10/2022 am11:53
  • sounds yummy

    Henrik Järving 20/10/2022 am11:53
  • Just watching make make my saliva drooling 🤤😂. Guess I have to try making it.

    CIKGU ONG'S KITCHEN 20/10/2022 am11:53
  • Oh my that lamb isn't even cooked .

    Millennium 20/10/2022 am11:53
  • Love the lamb, every time he says roll the joint, you know what to do.

    sasquatch TV 20/10/2022 am11:53
  • African classic (w) vs british classic

    Saurav kumar 20/10/2022 am11:53

    TITIEACHMADY COOKING 20/10/2022 am11:53
  • Gordon Why is your video (Autumn Recipes With Gordon Ramsay | DOUBLE FULL EP | Home Cooking) BLOCKED in ENGLAND ?

    the occupier 20/10/2022 am11:53
  • Pear crumble is also delicious.

    es78xx 20/10/2022 am11:53
  • Free..son

    Neil Gabriel 20/10/2022 am11:53

    Melroy Lowden 20/10/2022 am11:53
  • I don’t think that apple crumble looks very good.

    Rebecca Powers 20/10/2022 am11:53
  • how do i make fish and chips i am new to your channel since i watch you in the tv so i dont know if you made a delicious yummy juicy fish and chips tutorial

    bopak&boom 20/10/2022 am11:53
  • really amazing)

    TastyTube 20/10/2022 am11:53
  • @6:57 roll the joint 😂

    T sizzle 20/10/2022 am11:53