$2 Pizza Vs. $2,000 Pizza • New York City

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Braulio Bunay
Mario Batali
Alex Bisogni
Sam Elesawi



  • 14:30 they don't even mention the last pizza 😂😂

    Shmurple Purple 18/10/2022 am1:22
  • The $2000 pizza looks disgusting

    T Slomka 18/10/2022 am1:22
  • Hey me again stop the ads

    Louis Campbell 18/10/2022 am1:22
  • Oof they had to really think about something to say about that last pizza

    Jack Reynolds 18/10/2022 am1:22
  • Basic Formula for food:
    The more you pay, the worse it gets.

    Sharon 18/10/2022 am1:22
  • dude the Steven eats his pizza so awkward

    David Seo 18/10/2022 am1:22
  • How to throw away 2k

    MMert 18/10/2022 am1:22
  • If I could have either Joes pizza or The 24K gold pizza for free I’d without hesitation pick Joe

    ToxicAsh 18/10/2022 am1:22
  • 12:15 is the “yuck” face. They’re both speechless, and the first comment is about the cost. They hate it

    Welcome 18/10/2022 am1:22
  • The amount of estrogen these 2 radiate is insane

    John Malrone 18/10/2022 am1:22
  • I feel like they wanted to throw the last pizza into the bin but they couldn't cuz its a 2000$ pizza. So they shared it instead cuz they couldn't eat all of it either.

    Its not that they were full from eating pizza either cuz they went back to Joe's XD

    Flaming Burrito 18/10/2022 am1:22
  • Never had so many ads

    Oli W 18/10/2022 am1:22
  • idk I feel like the gold pizza is just overdoing it lol

    Kavya Malladi 18/10/2022 am1:22
  • Mario Batali tried so hard lol

    Mohammad Abutarab Shaikh 18/10/2022 am1:22
  • adam is the best

    ali bouaouina 18/10/2022 am1:22
  • Yk what's the biggest indicator of the gold pizza tasting crap? Andrew only eating only one slice

    lan.azure. 18/10/2022 am1:22
  • There has not been a better shot in the entirety of worth it than the ending desert pizza shot outside of joes

    The Shady Boi 18/10/2022 am1:22
  • I love food. I really love food and everyone I know doesn’t. I mean some people near me like to eat, but not a deep love. You guys get it. I think about food all the time. I fast a lot so I appreciate every meal. I just wish I knew you guys and we could go eat.

    Christopher Cremo 18/10/2022 am1:22
  • i ate a diamond im still alive that mans a liar

    DaClwn 18/10/2022 am1:22
  • JasonY 18/10/2022 am1:22
  • Wait a minute
    The ending piano was Vanya from umbrella academy season 1

    Dharma I 18/10/2022 am1:22
  • joes pizza is so succulent

    Imani Chowdhury 18/10/2022 am1:22
  • the most expensive pizza looks disgusting

    the seventh crow 18/10/2022 am1:22
  • Pizza was created to be a poor man’s dish, if anyones selling a slice for above $5 chances are it’s garbage anyways

    Seraph 18/10/2022 am1:22
  • These ad rates are getting out of hand

    Daniel Miller 18/10/2022 am1:22
  • The pricier the pizza gets the worse the atmosphere. Like i much prefer a chill pizza joint or like an Italian kitchen to a place literally called industry kitchen that looks like generic rich people restaurant

    Wahmaster27 18/10/2022 am1:22
  • thats pizza is burnt ngl

    Paco Savvedra 18/10/2022 am1:22
  • Imagine doing this series but not getting dollar pizza from 2 bros

    Master Cheeks 18/10/2022 am1:22
  • lol mfw humble joe pizza maker realizes 30 million people watched this vid and they all wanna try his pizza

    Accomplice 18/10/2022 am1:22
  • the last pizza probably wouldn't have been so bad if they used actual mozzarella instead of the worst cheese known to mankind, stilton

    Tignarita :P 18/10/2022 am1:22
  • Tomatoes came from South and central America.

    Ivan Bucchioni 18/10/2022 am1:22
  • You put gold leaf on stuff to disguise the fact you're a mediocre cook.

    SMIFFY 18/10/2022 am1:22
  • Mario is the kind of guy i'd share a pizza with. The guy has a welcoming demeanor.

    Amin 18/10/2022 am1:22
  • Bruh I need a golden slice.

    Chimpo 18/10/2022 am1:22
  • You guys sucked at this one pretty bad. And you know it.

    Ille Sau 18/10/2022 am1:22
  • idk why Adam always looks tired but I think he's just listening to the audio….

    Jazzy Lee 18/10/2022 am1:22
  • What happened to them amazing trio 🔥🔥🔥

    Pedro Del Rio 18/10/2022 am1:22
  • Andrew truly has a talent to asking great questions, the dynamic between Andrew and the the fun of Steven makes this show amazing

    Laurier Payette-Flynn 18/10/2022 am1:22
  • That Alex guy at joes is pretty based

    Laurier Payette-Flynn 18/10/2022 am1:22
  • Notice how hard they are trying to compliment the gold pizza.. and Andrew just say “in the end it’s just pizza” there is nothing good to say about that pizza compare to the cheaper ones

    Anonymouse 18/10/2022 am1:22
  • Stilton cheese is really nice. But on a pizza, no thanks. That’s the biggest scam pizza.

    Dennis Hamilton 18/10/2022 am1:22
  • Dave and Frankie couldn’t even stomach that last pizza so it’s def trash

    Patrick 18/10/2022 am1:22
  • Since this is old now a lot of people have tried the 24k and they all say it’s disgusting like it’s just cream on some dough and that none of the flavours combine

    The Toxic Gamer 18/10/2022 am1:22
  • The 1st one looks good asf

    Boosted mechanics 18/10/2022 am1:22
  • Its def burned

    Jay Ho 18/10/2022 am1:22
  • $2000 pizza looked the worst

    DeliriumBand 1 18/10/2022 am1:22