2 Perfect Recipes For Your Guests | Gordon Ramsay

If you’re entertaining guests, here are 2 recipes that are fun and delicious to show off!

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  • Me gusto cuando perdiste frente a tu hija ..tenias que lavar tos los platos..jajajaja…ere buenisimo en lo que haces .soy tu fans nro uno .bendiciones.

    Noemi Miranda 18/10/2022 am7:48
  • Pine nuts are so expensive here in Calgary.

    Donna Cabot 18/10/2022 am7:48
  • I experienced a real pleasure

    daria 18/10/2022 am7:48
  • See vegan teacher tries to stop the GORDON RAMSAY and she don’t do any charity how disappointing,but gordon love the food:)

    Matthew Alvarez 18/10/2022 am7:48
  • انا احبك وحبك طريقه طيهك لطعام انك رااائع اتباعك من المغرب

    Nbvv Bvcc 18/10/2022 am7:48
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    Marcus Bridgette 18/10/2022 am7:48
  • 2:39 is it me or did you age down you look younger gordon ramsay had to look again for how old this video is

    sheepy leepy 18/10/2022 am7:48
  • Good day sir 💕

    daniel monter 18/10/2022 am7:48
  • Buenas porque no viene mas a Paraguay .te olvidaste de nosotro he visto todos tus programa aqui en Paraguay con la Sra Eugenia

    Noemi Miranda 18/10/2022 am7:48
  • Gordon: Lightly season the lamb
    Actually lightly seasons it
    This is a miracle, I don't think this is possible

    Nicholas Ramsaran 18/10/2022 am7:48
  • i will serve this with a side of anthrax to my guests

    Rodrigo Seixas 18/10/2022 am7:48
  • Master Chief!

    Stevin 18/10/2022 am7:48
  • That pork is so pink it might be better then a fleshlight 😂

    Jeremy Wallace 18/10/2022 am7:48
  • you people are nuts I’m a chef that pork was practically raw that’s why he only did 2 slices, he’s a great cook I love him but the people that watch these are so dumb

    Jeremy Wallace 18/10/2022 am7:48
  • Presentation hardly matters, as long as its cooked well, and goes down well, its not gonna look nice for very long, itll turn to literal shit. Only when 'fine dining" should it matter, because what else do you pay an inflated price for.

    Udalix 18/10/2022 am7:48
  • I see excuse you in Hell’s Kitchen not you I accidentally put you another mistake

    doupi 8 18/10/2022 am7:48
  • I meant sorry

    doupi 8 18/10/2022 am7:48
  • Mistake

    doupi 8 18/10/2022 am7:48
  • Not fair I meant

    doupi 8 18/10/2022 am7:48
  • It’s not fair that you can add a lot of spices and herbs and flavor in the recipes you do ,i see that in Hell’s Kitchen that you said to a chef in the restaurant that he put too much spices if you don’t like his how many spices he put in it then you don’t have to try it again , you don’t have to try it again. I don’t think it’s right and fair that you told him in the past that he had put too much spices I don’t think it’s your right to tell him he put too many spices because is his recipe if you are a Christian then act like a Christian act Jesus like I’m a Christian too Jesus loves everyone equally you should treat other people equally too ,act Jesus like

    doupi 8 18/10/2022 am7:48
  • Sonic the Hedgehog music playing in the background

    Ryan G 18/10/2022 am7:48
  • Why do you jump around so much? It's very distracting. Stop it!!!!

    Terry Durham 18/10/2022 am7:48
  • Is pork that pink ok to eat? I thought white must be cooked through, where it is cooked through, though still juicy is best? Please reply to me.

    bowie19jan 18/10/2022 am7:48
  • I am allergic to pine-nuts, which other nut type would be the best for swapping it? Pistachio?

    Stein Grubben 18/10/2022 am7:48
  • Crazy fan of u. Any chance to meet u?

    Thoughts 18/10/2022 am7:48
  • Your dishes are great. Wish you a lot of health😍

    Village kitchen 18/10/2022 am7:48
  • Looks amazing !!!!!!

    Viral Food 18/10/2022 am7:48