2 Perfect After School Dinner Recipes | Gordon Ramsay

With school starting up again, here are two delicious recipes that you can cook for dinner.

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  • I think she is the one in the family who is the next chef.

    Edonna 17/10/2022 pm8:51
  • until now i only saw mr ramsy in all the series of master chef. this is my first ever view of anything else then that with him in it. here such love, patience and teaching skills towards his kids. beautiful!!!!

    but the contrast with the swearing impatient approach towards curious grown-ups is realy weird…

    inge weeda 17/10/2022 pm8:51
  • chicken, watermelon and cucumber? The fuck r u making. This sounds like the dog shit grilled cheese u made bro. Past ur prime retire. Stop uploading holy shit

    Donny Ross 17/10/2022 pm8:51
  • Absolutely no pre-roll or opening whatsover? You need to hire a need to editor cause he's losing you 100,000s of views

    Donny Ross 17/10/2022 pm8:51
  • I got Hsv2 from a hookup client after  paying me extra bucks to do it raw and after few months and I had outbreak on my lips but got cured after 3 months I contacted #Drokooboh on YouTube channel and shipped me natural supplements that killed the virus completely..

    Marcus Bridgette 17/10/2022 pm8:51
  • Is the garlic burnt hahaha

    netslave 17/10/2022 pm8:51
  • So how much beer you're supposed to pour here? Whole bottle or just enough to deglaze? I just finished a stew, and while it looks gorgeous it tastes like sad – quite bitter.

    Диего 17/10/2022 pm8:51
  • Oh yes I can just imagine most parents doing this as a quick after school meal..

    Jana Cara 17/10/2022 pm8:51
  • Một bài hát rất hoài niệm , nhớ những ngày bồng bột của tuổi trẻ, chút kỷ niệm của tình yêu, lời chia tay vội vàng đúng như cái bồng bột ấy. Đức Phúc cover lại bài hát này tâm trạng quá !

    algar eylam 17/10/2022 pm8:51
  • If I had ever made this amount of mess after school… well, it wouldn’t have been pretty!

    Philo68 17/10/2022 pm8:51
  • Iam so jealous of those kids , they will remember these memories forever, what a way to grow .

    Ankit Singh 17/10/2022 pm8:51
  • The last little girl really has a natural passion for cooking

    Karan Webb 17/10/2022 pm8:51
  • She is a darling😊

    Lache 17/10/2022 pm8:51
  • He’s too disrespectful to his dog, who I bet loves him very, very much.

    PMS13 17/10/2022 pm8:51
  • Next week I'll be showing how to make a lemon souffle with your leftover curry flavoured Pot Noodle.

    Fuccough Udic 17/10/2022 pm8:51
  • I love Gordon with Tilly! Reminds me of myself and my granddad

    QueenB Thatsme 17/10/2022 pm8:51
  • Can you use butter in place of suet?

    Copy Magnet 17/10/2022 pm8:51
  • Absolutely love watching him cook with his kids.

    abbie karic 17/10/2022 pm8:51
  • I believe all of his children will be great chiefs

    Sharron Hogan 17/10/2022 pm8:51
  • ❤❤❤❤❤

    Aunti Di 17/10/2022 pm8:51
  • LOVE LOVE LOVE the relationships happening while amazing food and appreciation is being nurtured. I truly became lost in this video. Thank you!

    Sean 17/10/2022 pm8:51
  • A great chef n a gentle loving father. I wish i hv a loving family, learning n doing things together in much caring n much loves. God Bless Gordon n sweet family.

    Faith 17/10/2022 pm8:51
  • jack watching this with teary eyes

    Bitch Hunter 17/10/2022 pm8:51
  • Gordon is a better father then a chef, very impressive sir!

    Brandon Roth 17/10/2022 pm8:51
  • I enjoy this show to all! I love his way of teaches children how to cook. What a blessing they have to have such a loving teacher 🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇

    M&M 17/10/2022 pm8:51
  • Beautiful! Such precious children. Seams like y’all are a wonderful family. Can’t wait to try and cook your amazing dishes.

    Tammy Hudson. 17/10/2022 pm8:51
  • This was the best episode of ANY cooking show I’ve ever seen in my life…such a ‘feel good’ loving and kind father/ daughter interaction!! She’s just amazingly adorable and you really show her trust and love and respect… Bravo Sir❣️🕉☮️♥️☺️😘‼️

    Sue Castillo 17/10/2022 pm8:51
  • im confused with the correlation between basil and her boyfriend? i need an explanation lmao

    Duckieee 17/10/2022 pm8:51
  • Very yummy recipe // Make friends💛 🔔👍Already Sub

    Alfatir Crawford 17/10/2022 pm8:51
  • I have avoided this chef because I’ve only ever seen him shouting and cursing. Chef this format is much more pleasant

    Linda Goudelock 17/10/2022 pm8:51
  • i love the way you work. Very interesting presentation

    chillyNgarlic 17/10/2022 pm8:51
  • This look amazing but his original recipe looked even tastier

    ReviewsWithE 17/10/2022 pm8:51
  • can somebody tell me the ingredients of dumplings. flour, mustard and water. but what was the other thing. I’m not from uk

    BilliesVlog 17/10/2022 pm8:51
  • Why no son Mr.Gordon ??? Dubelicate sperm

    Taliban Jihad 17/10/2022 pm8:51
  • that beef stew , my daughter loved it cooked in stout, melt in the mouth. no matter what cut of beef the same result , just a longer cooking time.

    stephen howard 17/10/2022 pm8:51
  • I wanna know where Ramsay buys that delicious chicken <3

    RuskoKain 17/10/2022 pm8:51
  • Then, Morning First Energy Drink;

    Lokesh 17/10/2022 pm8:51
  • ❤❤

    The Squid 17/10/2022 pm8:51
  • Mmmm I'm Mr. Frundles

    Mr Emu 17/10/2022 pm8:51
  • That “fat lazy lump” is the cutest dog ever🥲

    tinjusmandor Gaming 17/10/2022 pm8:51
  • Mr. Ramsay, please provide us with a translation in Arabic so that we can benefit more. Thank you

    Djonom Bob 17/10/2022 pm8:51
  • The only person who need not fear him 😆

    Nicole Tena 17/10/2022 pm8:51
  • gordon is the best

    Fujizoom 17/10/2022 pm8:51
  • jesus my guy! you have like 8 kids!

    VRexG 17/10/2022 pm8:51
  • Looks great Gordon. One thing though: yesterday you we're on the Dutch version of 24 kitchen where you used the same pan in which you toasted the walnuts.
    Here in The Netherlands we tent to use non-stick pans with a Teflon coating. What kind of pans do you use and why? Are there any pans you wouldn't use? Something tells me that if you want to be a good home cook, you shouldn't be using this kind of non-stick pans.

    soumynonA Reverse 17/10/2022 pm8:51
  • what if in a topsey turvy world gordon treated his children with the same respect he treats his employees .

    busa jockey 17/10/2022 pm8:51