$2 Burgers in Harlem | Street Food Icons

Mo’s Burgers in Harlem is a neighborhood staple. Mo Robinson Jr. has been serving the greater Harlem community for over 30 years, whipping up burgers, hot dogs, sausages, and punch right outside the barbershop that he owns. Everyone in the neighborhood knows Mo, and as one customer said, he’s like a “mayor of Harlem.”

Watch more Street Food Icons: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7MnspJygcEg&list=PLnPDn1Lb79JHZzNNt9_4T1pleBnvHeEw2

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  • Bet they cost $5 now.

    The420kingchronic 19/10/2022 am7:42
    This man sells hamburgers, hot dogs, sausages, punch and lemonade and serves Love from his Heart as a condiment for free.

    carolyn thornton 19/10/2022 am7:42
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    ศิริรัตน์ สิมสีดา 19/10/2022 am7:42
  • Man tell him to cook bell peppers and jalapeños diced into the mground beef! Make a spicy bell burger

    Tom rogers 19/10/2022 am7:42
  • What happened to this guy, an update would be nice

    Sam Sam 19/10/2022 am7:42
  • Great place to buy weed back in the day and get great food

    David James 19/10/2022 am7:42
  • bring this to austin texas fam this a banger fashitsho shit look good af dem burgers look dummy fire if i go to yo section i gotta tap n

    Joey Nieto 19/10/2022 am7:42
  • daym drop's dad lol

    ChocolateCoveredGummyBears 19/10/2022 am7:42
  • Prayers to this Man! I hope you still doing your thing!

    Zayuh Padilla 19/10/2022 am7:42
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    ศิริรัตน์ สิมสีดา 19/10/2022 am7:42
  • This is a real American hero.

    Kaveman _ 19/10/2022 am7:42
  • this man opens his shop earlier than most corporate owned stores. L E G E N D

    Dylan Alvarez 19/10/2022 am7:42
  • This guy is the real one. A true hero in the community

    Obsessive GEL 19/10/2022 am7:42
  • McDonald’s $1

    FaZe Ridge 19/10/2022 am7:42
  • That’s Damon Dash father.

    Orlando Henao 19/10/2022 am7:42
  • Moe's hatdogs and burgus .

    Vic Chavez 19/10/2022 am7:42
  • Ain't no way in heaven that burger is $2 🤯 that bih look good man damn for real. Man your a blessing I know the hood love him

    Toiletbowl 19/10/2022 am7:42
  • Mmmm I want a MO’s burger 🍔

    Astral Flux 19/10/2022 am7:42
  • God bless you for sharing

    Alfred Christiansen 19/10/2022 am7:42
  • Wow this is heart warming and touching

    Boni 19/10/2022 am7:42
  • He seems like a great man. Ppl love him. If I ever get to go. I'd love to order a meal

    Rey Peligro Garcia 19/10/2022 am7:42
  • Them burgers look fat! Damn

    Rey Peligro Garcia 19/10/2022 am7:42
  • We need more people like this in this world.

    James DeBord 19/10/2022 am7:42
  • I think when starting a business it's always best to start small with low prices rates. Focus on how to help benefit your community first.

    Andrew Uchiha 19/10/2022 am7:42
  • Now this is someone who is for the people. Not ripping them off.

    Andrew Uchiha 19/10/2022 am7:42
  • Mo is so inspirational. He found something he enjoys doing and stayed true to himself and the community. I am not from New York, but I will definitely grab a meal from his stand.

    Will 19/10/2022 am7:42
  • I've lived in a small Michigan city almost all my life, but I'm always so intrigued about new york culture and its people. I love seeing videos like these.

    Mental_Breakdance 19/10/2022 am7:42
  • Asset to the community indeed

    Jezda Talitiga 19/10/2022 am7:42
  • This man is a saint. As close to Christ-like as you can get.

    Anthony Messina 19/10/2022 am7:42
  • Update price's have gone up

    Watson Fernandez 19/10/2022 am7:42
  • You are an asset to your community my man!

    Hector Mancinas 19/10/2022 am7:42
  • ✝️ “Everyone then who hears these words of mine and does them will be like a wise man who built his house on the rock. ❤(‭‭Matthew‬ ‭7‬‬:‭24‬ ESV)

    BigPenny745 19/10/2022 am7:42
  • I bet that cost more now due to inflation….

    Thank you Joe Biden!!! inflation like never before he said it was just an inches!!!!

    Saiba Jinzero 19/10/2022 am7:42
  • Cool history.

    luis gutierrez 19/10/2022 am7:42
  • Nothing compares to the food cart lady (Ms. Sussie) that used to be in front of the Rucker, the truck (Mr. Perri’s) in front of the D train on 155th train station, crab stand (Mr. Mike & Ms. Peaches) on 155th in front of Sloans supermarket, the crab stand on 135th across from Harlem Hospital, Willie Burgers on 145th & 8th & Copelands on 145th & B’Way. Old Harlem

    Dead niggas have no value 19/10/2022 am7:42
  • Damn 23250 dollars a month is crazy keep doing yo thing

    Wsgboiiii 19/10/2022 am7:42
  • God bless you brother. There are not many like you in this world. I love this video and I hope you are doing well

    Darryl Brosius 19/10/2022 am7:42
  • I pass this truck everyday on the bus I need to go one day ‼️

    Jaimee Hendrix 19/10/2022 am7:42
  • Nice guy

    chrisqzone 19/10/2022 am7:42
  • This man is a genius. We need more people like Mo.

    sarah 19/10/2022 am7:42
  • Inspiration

    Marcus C 19/10/2022 am7:42
  • chorei

    João Elias 19/10/2022 am7:42