$2 Breakfast Sandwich Vs. $450 Breakfast Sandwich

Is a basic breakfast sandwich already perfect? I don’t know, let’s just throw money at it.

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  • It reminds me of a burger: A burger split into it's ingredients is healthy. You have beef, lettuce, tomato, cheese, bread, and sauces. But you put them together and it's unhealthy. Very similar to that expensive breakfast sandwich. Apart it's amazing asf but together it's just not that worth it.

    idkputsomethinghere 17/10/2022 am5:24
  • Just because you put a bunch of expensive food together doesnt mean it’ll look or taste nice🥹that’s just wasting quality product right there

    SATAN 17/10/2022 am5:24
  • No MSG?

    AquzR Gaming 17/10/2022 am5:24
  • Im just here for the 2$

    TheLegendaryMe325 17/10/2022 am5:24
  • yoooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    Jalendashaun 17/10/2022 am5:24
  • Even though he wasted $450 on this video, he's gonna make 10 times the amount on this video

    Auska Sane 17/10/2022 am5:24
  • Normal is still better . No questions asked

    Alexander Pascual 17/10/2022 am5:24
  • the caviar sold the bag for me

    swimzy 17/10/2022 am5:24
  • That expensive sandwich would put me to sleep

    Matthew Johnson 17/10/2022 am5:24
  • The $450 one would make me sick

    Blessin Joseph 17/10/2022 am5:24
  • Anyone else not willing to make a sandwich that costs almost as much as their share of the rent but still loves watching him cook cool stuff

    Riverbed_Dreaming1232 17/10/2022 am5:24
  • Dont do this with a blender like that.. it could explode like a grenaide..

    harveyj hansen 17/10/2022 am5:24
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    Luccanr99 Nardoni 17/10/2022 am5:24
  • Perfect

    Ekure Edafe Daniel 17/10/2022 am5:24
  • God is good

    Russell Frye 17/10/2022 am5:24
  • 2$ sandwich vs 450$ sandwich….
    Makes the 2$ sandwich using a torch that costs at least 50-100$🥲

    MrMiraclefilms 17/10/2022 am5:24
  • Instead of caviar, it would be perfect if the egg was cooked with truffle instead.

    Username • 15 years ago 17/10/2022 am5:24
  • How am I not subscribed to you already? 😅

    Ctrl Command 17/10/2022 am5:24
  • Why isn’t this series called “Breaking the Bank”

    Complete Buffoon 17/10/2022 am5:24
  • you make great food and videos but your voice is so anoying

    Onni Sarpo 17/10/2022 am5:24
  • yall having breakfast like fr?

    CodeOverUndertale 17/10/2022 am5:24
  • I am glad you said it was too much because thats what I thought while you where making it. The whole time I was like you could do amazing OTHER things with those ingredients but for a breakfast sandwhich I just want a normal one maybe with the expensive bacon and on a nice everything bagel but normal all the same.

    Brendan Conley 17/10/2022 am5:24
  • You can develop a affordable version of the $450.00 breakfast sandwich for under 50.00. Thank You for the video.

    Jonathan st.thomas 17/10/2022 am5:24
  • War and starvation going around the world, my dude is making £450 sandwiches at home 🤡

    Todor Todorov 17/10/2022 am5:24
  • 5:00 Gordon ramsay thought moi dis technique, we really be getting thought actually culinary art skills

    𝕸𝖆𝖘𝖙𝖊𝖗 17/10/2022 am5:24
  • which pan are you using? Can you link it?

    Aishwarya Soni 17/10/2022 am5:24
  • Bro like no one’s going to cover our eggs with plastic wrap 💀

    Shree Karki 17/10/2022 am5:24
  • Both sandwiches looked so good! Basic but delicious 😀

    mynxeats 17/10/2022 am5:24
  • Heck no ill take that 40 dallors

    Cynthia gipson 17/10/2022 am5:24
  • I live in TX. I call Whataburger “Cold N Old”, pretty much comparing it to In N Out. I went to Whataburger yesterday, because I needed something quick to eat during a lunch break. They weren’t busy, yet for some reason my order took 20 minutes (almost my whole break), AND it was almost room temperature. They have the right stuff to make a quality burger, but they fail me every time. McDonald’s has been better lately. That’s sad. RIP Whataburger.

    Technophile Psychonaut 17/10/2022 am5:24
  • 1:36 Can someone clarify this for me? I heard Gordo say if you put salt in your eggs before cooking it breaks down the eggs. Why did he?

    PeytonT 17/10/2022 am5:24
  • honestly get rid of the caviar and id save up to try the expensive one once

    Arkhaan 17/10/2022 am5:24
  • That 450 dollar breakfast is going to be my lunch lol
    That’s a lot for a breakfast if I eat it I prolly won’t feel hungry for a long time 😂
    But ngl that looks delicious

    TheDefaultGuy 17/10/2022 am5:24
  • Honestly the $2 ones looks better and probably taste pretty good. For breakfast don’t need much just meat and cheese what more could you ask for.

    Crazy One 17/10/2022 am5:24
  • Not sure if you love it, hate it or both, but know that its excess in both the best and worst of ways? Sounds like you just made the Slaanesh of sandwiches Josh!

    RoxyGotMoxy 17/10/2022 am5:24
  • The 450$ sandwich on the thumbnail makes me feel like I'm having a heart attack

    The Entertainer 17/10/2022 am5:24
  • 😆love it

    pan Peps 17/10/2022 am5:24
  • you should do a 0.5$ sandwich VS 300.000$ sandwich next

    Dmitry Ribchiuk 17/10/2022 am5:24
  • But really, who’s putting caviar on a breakfast sandwich?🤨

    CrackedBigPot 17/10/2022 am5:24
  • Honestly these videos are the highlight of disappointment, waste and shame for the human race of the whole week. I cannot express how angry these make me lol

    aha gottem 17/10/2022 am5:24
  • Caviar was just a waste of money and flavor..

    Weston Par 17/10/2022 am5:24
  • Fun Fact: Caviar was originally prison food and was considered food only fit for a peasent

    MJ THA GOAT 17/10/2022 am5:24
  • josh

    caviar is not a breakfast food

    bandithøm 17/10/2022 am5:24
  • I’m surprised he didn’t use different eggs like duck to flex

    Bryce Adams 17/10/2022 am5:24