$1425 vs $13 Fettuccine Alfredo: Pro Chef & Home Cook Swap Ingredients | Epicurious

Professional chef instructor Frank Proto and home cook extraordinaire Emily are trading Fettuccine Alfredo recipes and hitting the kitchen for a cheesy showdown. We sent Emily an eye-popping $1,425 worth of supplies – everything she’d need to make Frank’s decadent recipe, cheese wheel and all. Meanwhile, a modest $13 worth of ingredients was sent back the other way for Frank to finesse into something elevated in his style. Food scientist Rose dialed in to assist our dear Emily with a few questions she had along the way. Which Fettuccine Alfredo has you saying “Molto bene?”

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Rose is on Instagram at @rosemarytrout_foodscience

Director: Cory Cavin
Director of Photography: Joel Kingsbury
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Talent: Emily Duncan

Sr. Culinary Director: Kelly Janke
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Camera Operator: Colton Huynh
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Post Production Supervisor: Stephanie Cardone
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  • I wish he hadn't fried the pasta 😉

    Inga Falkenstein 20/10/2022 am9:08
  • Yup, weep because fettuccine Alfredo is a purely American dish

    I'llEatThat 20/10/2022 am9:08
  • @0:30 Can I mask those two assistants a question?

    Jack Roen 20/10/2022 am9:08
  • Seeing that wheel of cheese makes me sad because I’m lactose intolerant.

    Amanda Weemes 20/10/2022 am9:08
  • $1400 alfredo better eat my brown eye, and then go make me a sandwich (in bed).

    Trent Cook 20/10/2022 am9:08
  • lmao he's so pissed about the wheel

    Audio Boys 20/10/2022 am9:08
  • Emily gives Jessica Day

    I B 20/10/2022 am9:08
  • I break my pasta in half because I'm not a wild animal and it's easier to eat

    BONEHEAD BILL 20/10/2022 am9:08
  • I hope two people lifting 80 lb was a joke

    BONEHEAD BILL 20/10/2022 am9:08
  • From 9:009:16 has me weakkk. EMILY I Love you😂😂. “That can’t be right” that nervous giggle has me in tears bc I get it. Anyway you did amazing!

    Nessa Nikita 20/10/2022 am9:08
  • "most people throw the rind away" 4:00

    most people dont buy wheels of cheese costing 1400$…

    TNT_Canine 20/10/2022 am9:08
  • Would just take generic fettuccine alfredo over this complicated crap

    MrCoreyp1989 20/10/2022 am9:08
  • This is a shamanism

    John Kahler 20/10/2022 am9:08
  • Those look delicious holy crap

    jjaxiaa 20/10/2022 am9:08
  • Why is Emily discouraging herself? She’s did good

    Cainan Tucker 20/10/2022 am9:08
  • I love this bur I would like to see what he was going to do

    Ryan Allen 20/10/2022 am9:08
  • funny how the pro chef is giving advice and telling everybody what to do if they want to follow along, and the home cook is just "parm water lol"

    Klankoes 20/10/2022 am9:08
  • Io mi rifiuto di darvi il mio rispetto

    Simone Graziano 20/10/2022 am9:08
  • Pro chef:can you smell it at home
    Me with a stuffy noss

    K or Skat 20/10/2022 am9:08
  • wow surprised how nice and white the inside of chicken turned out

    Gary Zhu 20/10/2022 am9:08
  • Im hungry now

    André Pedro 20/10/2022 am9:08
  • 7:06 my ears are bleeding after that one

    ambufn 20/10/2022 am9:08
  • She obviusly didnt see the youtube video on how to cut a parmesan wheel of cheese in youtube with 20 Millions views

    Loki Electro 20/10/2022 am9:08
  • The quantity is the only thing costing differs

    ZGJ Finance 20/10/2022 am9:08
  • i was going to do frank’s recipe, but i could not find a $1400 20 pound cheese

    Francium_87 20/10/2022 am9:08
  • franks eyes are beautiful yo

    candy 20/10/2022 am9:08
  • Gordon's rampage is the real dressing

    unknown 20/10/2022 am9:08
  • Salt isn’t seasoning 😢

    Mariah Fulton 20/10/2022 am9:08
  • “If you declare with your mouth “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved” (Romans 10:9). Now is the time to accept Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior. Obey His commands and repent of your sins because Jesus is coming back soon. Tomorrow isn’t promised.

    Sierra Clark 20/10/2022 am9:08
  • Parm e-ating 😆

    Jake Martin 20/10/2022 am9:08
  • Too hyperbolic for me. You only need a wedge of the parm reggiano. Probably would cost you $12-15. You don't need imported Italian butter either–at that point you might as well make your own fresh butter in 15 mins.

    Gallowglass 20/10/2022 am9:08
  • This was a surprisingly delightful video. Not my style of time killer content, but it is inspiring me to get back into the habit of cheffing as i call it haha. I am by no means a chef or a talented cook or baker, but my pastas are amazing. Especially my homemade alfredo sauce. It does not follow any standard recipe and i dont know if it can be called an alfredo, but i think after seeing this video i am going to tweak it by using some of that cheese in the video and the rinds to make the water. That coupled with the 7 cheese blend that i start with does indeed sound like a success. Not an italian bone in my Slavic body but for some reason i can do Italian dishes. Thats all i can do. I tried fillo dough once, never again. I am no baker and what i produce from my baking attempts should be considered criminal in nature.

    Optik Nurv 20/10/2022 am9:08
  • If you ever told me a bowl of pasta was going to cost over $20 I would implode.

    BaronEurchild 20/10/2022 am9:08
  • I'm really bothered by Franks pronounciation of nonna. THERE'S TWO Ns IN A ROW!

    Franz3333 20/10/2022 am9:08
  • I wish they'd give the actual prices of the meals instead of these extremely baity titles, you don't buy everything new anytime you make a dish

    Guido Haverkort 20/10/2022 am9:08
  • 1:05 that's what he said

    Doctor Bean 20/10/2022 am9:08
  • I wanted to see his recipe 🙁

    Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen 20/10/2022 am9:08
  • wait.. kitchen aid mixer does THAT??

    Krista Montesa 20/10/2022 am9:08