13 Desserts from Around the World! | Popular Desserts and Frozen Sweets by So Yummy

Travel the world with these delicious desserts from across the globe! These sweet and frozen treats will help you stay cool in the summer heat.

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13 Desserts from Around the World! | Popular Desserts and Frozen Sweets by So Yummy
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  • I am from the United States and I can tell you one thing what ever they made for the United States I have never heard of that before

    Cooking and baking 19/10/2022 am3:25
  • Esqueceu do brasil

    GOL DE TRIVELA 19/10/2022 am3:25
  • They all look so good.🤤😁

    Alaina Commander 19/10/2022 am3:25
  • I could try putting the no-melt melon cubes in coke. That'd be the ticket.

    KarateGirl 19/10/2022 am3:25
  • put the brownie on top 😭😭😭😫

    Khalmarks 19/10/2022 am3:25
  • Delicious 😋😋😋

    Arisbel Alvarez 19/10/2022 am3:25
  • 4:35 Afffff! Que saco!

    Lu Almeida 19/10/2022 am3:25
  • WOW your recipes are great

    Kelebohile Maredi 19/10/2022 am3:25
  • Farinha, não muita, senão vai ficar farinhento, manteiga, não muita, senão vai ficar manteiguiento

    Lu Almeida 19/10/2022 am3:25
  • So yummy 😋

    Anamul Hasan 19/10/2022 am3:25
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    Lu Almeida 19/10/2022 am3:25
  • Browni ice creame is so 😍😍

    WANI 19/10/2022 am3:25
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    Moussa Tita 19/10/2022 am3:25
  • Very nice! Is the mochi filling just ice cream or something else?

    Sof M 19/10/2022 am3:25
  • 13 Desserts from Rugrats Around The World! 🌎🌍🌏 Popular desserts and frozen sweets by so yummy
    Tommy Pickles,
    Chuckie Finster,
    Susie Carmichael,
    Kimi Finster,
    Dil Pickles,
    Phil DeVille,
    Lil DeVille,
    Angelica Pickles
    and Spike the Dog

    Samurai⚔️€ 19/10/2022 am3:25
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    هةفال زراري HHHH 19/10/2022 am3:25
  • The Award achieving moment when you have Every ingredients with you…

    Rajneesh nain 19/10/2022 am3:25
  • Ahhh jimin is here mochi

    Arbish Mughal 19/10/2022 am3:25
  • As an American I have never had what they called an American Dessert.

    Natalie Jean 19/10/2022 am3:25
  • You spelled popsicle wrong you wrote popscicle

    Giga chad 19/10/2022 am3:25
  • Guys what are the mochi ingredients' quantities??

    Maitha Alriyami 19/10/2022 am3:25
  • M

    Quitéria Leonço 19/10/2022 am3:25
  • NO

    { Cat Gacwlk } My Friends 19/10/2022 am3:25
  • Does the mochi actually work

    Ella Johnson 19/10/2022 am3:25
  • YUMMM!

    Manny Orient 19/10/2022 am3:25
  • There is nothing dessert can’t solve.

    Joe Victoma 19/10/2022 am3:25
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    AnimeOnline 791 • 0.5 mins ago 19/10/2022 am3:25
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    Melike & Yusuf 19/10/2022 am3:25
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  • Your desserts are so popular
    and delicious!!

    CaLeea Cosby 19/10/2022 am3:25