10 Minute Recipes | Gordon Ramsay

Here are 4 delicious recipes that can all be cooked in under 10 minutes!

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  • Gordon really is the God of cooking! Love this

    June Burns 18/10/2022 pm9:29
  • One of my biggest Problems with those Recipes is the grill stuff… thant smells afterwars. Why not something boiled or steamed?

    Kalzifer 85 18/10/2022 pm9:29
  • I can't even make food I don't know why I'm watching this

    goosemansheshe 18/10/2022 pm9:29
  • 🀘🀀

    Tim Rodriguez 18/10/2022 pm9:29
  • Thank you, Chef Gordon! Could you tell me what type of pan you are using? I would like one 😊.

    Danielle Ward 18/10/2022 pm9:29
  • horrible food really

    Shannon Aiken 18/10/2022 pm9:29
  • You're the best!

    Christine Harfleet 18/10/2022 pm9:29
  • Is there any video where Gordon tells about cleaning products like tomatoes, mushrooms and etc. To prepare them to cook?

    seba300 18/10/2022 pm9:29
  • Awesome!I also have a blog about cooking. Quick and delicious recipe videos. Welcome 😊

    Cooking with Polly 18/10/2022 pm9:29
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    NobitaXD 18/10/2022 pm9:29
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    Alan Deli 18/10/2022 pm9:29
  • Love watching your videos and I'm going to try cooking better and fresh for my kids god bless you and your family

    Arthur Williams 18/10/2022 pm9:29
  • man I would inhale that pasta dish

    Ryan Kennedy 18/10/2022 pm9:29
  • Not sure if I was taught right or wrong. I always put about a tablespoon of olive oil in the water when boiling pasta. I was taught that it keeps the pasta from sticking together.

    Coleen Goodell 18/10/2022 pm9:29
  • I have learn so much about healthy eating thank u

    Lala _Chi 18/10/2022 pm9:29
  • You are amazing , u make things amazing, bravo πŸ‘ !!!! My favorite chef ever !!!!!

    Cristina Sierra 18/10/2022 pm9:29
  • Im from OZ and we have Garlic, Canned corn, chillies and all the herbs we need growing in the garden as well as leeks and spring onions. I also just finished smoking a pork rump for the last 7 hours.

    B0R0 18/10/2022 pm9:29
  • How hot is β€œmake the pan very nice and hot”

    CurlyFriesMack 18/10/2022 pm9:29
  • I tried the mushrooms and leek pasta tonight, and it was pretty good. Just wish we used better measurements cause it was too much leek!

    Tasha Hantz 18/10/2022 pm9:29
  • 🀩

    Noah Mansfield 18/10/2022 pm9:29
  • Those recipes are luxurious by my standard.

    Hagduin Ithronel 18/10/2022 pm9:29
  • That editing is awful. Who ever did that should not be working in that field. A Cut every second isn't fancy. It's just distracting. But the recipes are awesome decently gonna try them out. Thank you.

    David Schwarz 18/10/2022 pm9:29
  • the second recipe it's called bakwan jagung in indonesia. i always cook it 😁

    Hannifah Fitriani 18/10/2022 pm9:29
  • I have tried cooking pot roast in slow cooker. Came out very tough. Followed direcrions. What did I do wrong?

    ida marsillo 18/10/2022 pm9:29
  • πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜ƒ

    BV's KITCHEN 18/10/2022 pm9:29
  • Fab recipes! Thanks πŸ‘Œ

    sewagnes 18/10/2022 pm9:29
  • So how much flour.

    alivias funny dog videos 18/10/2022 pm9:29
  • the twisting the pan so the pasta dont stick is actually crazy ur on a different level

    J 18/10/2022 pm9:29
  • Your recipe is awesome and will go
    very high.of course it will be very tasty to eat.πŸ˜‹ I love it .I will definitely try it.You will tell me in the comments. How do you like my recipe?Thanks for join my Channel…..πŸ‘πŸ’’πŸ‚πŸ‘πŸ€

    Foodieee 18/10/2022 pm9:29
  • First recipe of 10 minute recipes is minimum 30 minutes.. Delicious, but ey let's be realistic; Nobody moves that fast at home

    Father Noon 18/10/2022 pm9:29
  • a couple TBLSP cream? more like a half cu!

    connie Morreale 18/10/2022 pm9:29
  • God bless you

    Susie Neves 18/10/2022 pm9:29
  • My dear great cook, always know that if it's pink in the middle, it's not cooked well. World best cook and you say this so bold out and loud. Cook your meat well always. So you won't get any problem with your digestion.

    Jo&ViNo Vlogs 18/10/2022 pm9:29
  • so what i eat is stawberrys but i dont like em so heres the recipe 1 stawberry then put them in millk mash the stawberry then mix it put it in a machine then make the good part its millkshake time! then put blueberrys in it like 2 blueberrys then put it in a machine with the stawberry milkshake when its done try it in a cup!

    dhudhduf 18/10/2022 pm9:29
  • I don’t think I have those ingredients πŸ’€

    Glaxiiッ 18/10/2022 pm9:29