$1 Tacos VS $113 Tacos in MEXICO!! Super RARE Mexican Food!!

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Interviewee: Jaime Jasso Gonzales

TACOS WITH REFRIED BEANS: Make the fillings for the taco using 1/2 kilo of cooked black beans, one cup of chicken broth, 3 spoons of lard, 1/2 of an onion, 1 sprig of epazote and salt. Chop onions. In a pot, sweat the onions and add the beans then the chicken broth. Mix in salt and epazote. Assembly: Layer the tortilla with chicharron grease, then add fillings, close tortilla and then add onions and hot oil on top

CHICHARRON TACOS: : Layer the tortilla with chicharron grease, then add fillings, close the tortilla and then add onions and hot oil on top.

POTATO TACOS: Layer the tortilla with chicharron grease, then add fillings, close the tortilla and then add onions and hot oil on top.

PRICE: 7 pesos / 0.34 cents per taco
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ADDRESS: Mercado de Jamaica
INTERVIEWEE: Chef Daniel Silva
WEBSITE: https://mariscoselpaisa.negocio.site/

OCTOPUS AL PASTOR: Make Octopus in Al Pastor sauce. Assembly: Start with the top of a pineapple: add octopus. Add a pineapple. Add an octopus. Add pineapple. Add octopus and repeat the process until full. Torch the octopus. Cut tentacles off and place on a flat top grill. Add tortillas. When they get crispy, use the tortilla to scoop the octopus out. Add pineapples. Add onions. Add guacamole and squeeze a lime on top.

PRICE: $8.50 per plate
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ADDRESS: Esquina, Aristóteles 124, Polanco, Miguel Hidalgo, 11560 Mexico City, CDMX
INTERVIEWEE: Chef Javier Valenzuela
WEBSITE: https://colmillo.mx/

BLACK BEEF TROMPO: Place onions in the oven to blacken. When blackened, take them out and mash them in a mortar. Set aside lemon pepper, pariente) and seasoning juice. Season the beef with pariente, lemon pepper and the seasoning juice. Add onion ash. Mix it all in. Add more meat on top of the tray and repeat the seasoning process. Add blackened meat to the trompo. Grill for 20 minutes. Add meat to the plate. Serve with cilantro and onions and lime. Sauces: salsa verde and rojo.

BABY GOAT CONFIT TACOS: Take baby goat and chop it into big chunks. In a pot filled with lard, add goat chunks. Cook for 6 hours, then remove the meat and shred. Take the shredded goat meat and add to the grill. Place tortillas down and slather on Peruvian refried beans sauce. Add butter on the grill. Flip until ready. Add avocados on top of tacos. Add on special salsa sauce made using Fresadilla tomato sauce and roasted three-chillies. Prepare garnish with fresadilla tomatoes, olive oil, parsley and assemble on top of tacos.

BURNT STEAK TACO W/ BONE MARROW: Add asadero cheese on top of the grill. Add corn tortilla. Flip. Add beef fillet and place salt on meat. Add dark sauce and white sauce. Squeeze lime on top. Flip. Add meat on top of the tortilla. Add cilantro. Add fried parsley with tempura. Add piquín sauce.

PRICE: $113 USD for all dishes

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