1 hour of silence broken by “Hamburger”

  • First hamburger: 00:00
    Second hamburger: 0:27
    Third hamburger: 1:23
    Forth hamburger: 2:47
    Fifth hamburger: 3:21
    Sixth hamburger: 4:03
    Seventh hamburger: 4:34
    Eighth hamburger: 5:22
    Ninth hamburger: 6:51
    Tenth hamburger: 8:29
    Eleventh hamburger: 10:19
    Twelfth hamburger: 13:04
    The thirteenth hamburger: 14:44
    The fourteenth hamburger: 17:35
    The fifteenth hamburger: 20:45
    The sixteenth hamburger: 21:57
    The seventeenth hamburger: 25:25
    The eighteenth hamburger: 28:47
    The nineteenth hamburger: 31:57
    The twentieth hamburger: 34:02

    – For now I'll take a break cause I'm tired and it's 2 am. Good luck everyone. I'll probably update tomorrow
    Edit: Well hello there. Sorry I didn't update this. I was too lazy tbh. Have a great day, people 🙂

    Eli-chan 19/10/2022 pm3:47
  • slay khween
    can relate bestie 🤪🤪🤪

    tarekdoesgaming 19/10/2022 pm3:47
  • holy shit the ending scared me

    Charlie Ribbit 19/10/2022 pm3:47
  • I had this on while playing Goodbye, My Danish Sweetheart then when Mitski (the singer) said "'Cause there's no better than you" The hamburger went off on the part where she said "you" LOL

    Frogman_McGee 19/10/2022 pm3:47
  • hambooger

    fabio 19/10/2022 pm3:47
  • POV: You skipped to the end to hear it

    TheDeoxys454 19/10/2022 pm3:47
  • I put this on the box at the sleepover funny af

    Fire_ Swat7 19/10/2022 pm3:47
  • The part where he says hamburger, truly inspirational.

    Raption 8972 19/10/2022 pm3:47
  • im gonna play a horror game with my friend

    Cynthia 🕊 19/10/2022 pm3:47
  • hamboger.

    Violet alice art 19/10/2022 pm3:47
  • hamburger

    Foxes 19/10/2022 pm3:47
  • ok

    racist 19/10/2022 pm3:47
  • When I was watching a video, somebody said "A wise man once said," then this played.

    Goofy Man 19/10/2022 pm3:47
  • hamburger c:

    lilly 19/10/2022 pm3:47
  • Me in class waiting for bell for lunch once 8 grade linch is last

    The animal lover 19/10/2022 pm3:47
  • now I want a hamburger

    Duskztar 19/10/2022 pm3:47
  • at 38:40 was cool

    Mett 19/10/2022 pm3:47
  • that burger has cheese on it

    TheAmazingWolfie 19/10/2022 pm3:47
  • Imagine aliens discover earth and go onto YouTube and the first thing they see is this

    ZoeyGamess 19/10/2022 pm3:47
  • i am currently simultainiously listening to:
    1 hour of silence broken by "Hamburger"
    1 hour of silence occasionally broken by law and order sound (dun dun)
    1 hour of silence occasionally broken up by AUUGHHH
    1 Hour Of Silence Occasionally Broken Up By Among Us Sound Effect
    1 hour of silence occasionally broken up by Vine boom sound effect x3
    1 hour of silence occasionally broken up by the bababooey sound effect
    3 hours of silence occasionally broken up by random meme sound effects
    Thoughts? It's perfect. Regrets? None.

    Evans Evans 19/10/2022 pm3:47