1 DOUGH 3 LOAVES | The Easiest (Actually Good) Bread You Can Make

In this video I’ll show you how to make three versions of easy rustic bread using one simple dough. Take your pick! All of these loaves are beginner friendly and with a few small variations on shaping and baking, you’re left with a rustic, crusty, bread worthy of your dinner table. No mixer or sourdough starter required.

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– EASY BAGUETTE: https://youtu.be/5FR__Gt0CSo
– 5 TIPS FOR BETTER SOURDOUGH: https://youtu.be/wjPa-zizxwc
– SEEDED SOURDOUGH: https://youtu.be/lpVIjAHpSC0
– NO KNEAD SOURDOUGH: https://youtu.be/40MIY0Yl5fY

****TO MY FRIENDS IN EUROPE/UK: The all purpose flour that i typically use is King Arthur which is about 11.7% protein. Your All Purpose flour may be different than what’s available in the US. If in doubt, choose a flour that has between 11-12% protein and you should be in good shape!

ALSO if you have never made bread before, this dough is 78% hydration and will be slightly sicky. Use 75 less grams water in the final dough and it will be much easier to handle.


1 small pinch YEAST
– let the poolish ripen on counter 4-24 hours, preferably at least 16

280g or 1 1/4C.WATER (98F)
2g or 1/2 TSP YEAST
350g or 2 1/4 C. AP FLOUR
10g or roughly 1.5 TSP KOSHER SALT

METHOD 1: 525 the whole time for 14-18 minutes (spray loaf for steam)
METHOD 2- Preheat Dutch Oven at 500 for 30-40 minutes, bake at 500 covered for 12min and 485 uncovered for additional 8-12 depending on oven and desired color.
METHOD 3: Preheat Dutch Oven at 485-500 for 30-40 minutes, bake at 485 covered for 18 minutes, and 485 uncovered for additional 25-30 depending on oven and desired color.

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  • Made my first loaf of bread today… loved it. What a enjoyable morning. Thanks

    Kevin Nolan 17/10/2022 am4:07
  • Can I halve the recipe and make a small boule instead of a really big one? I tried making equivalent breads and they're waaay too big. would love to hear from anyone if halving recipes like this is okay…

    Thee Cat 17/10/2022 am4:07
  • This is great. I tried my hand at this for the first time and I must say I was so stoked with how it turned out. Thank you so much for making this video and sharing this wonderful knowledge with us. I love this bread.

    Daniel Quick 17/10/2022 am4:07
  • My oven could only get to 500, and when I did the first method the parchment paper burned to a crisp and ashed all over the dough.

    Bryan Isaac 17/10/2022 am4:07
  • sadly my oven only goes to gas mark 9 or 475f so i cant preheat to this temperature. I'll mess around with timings and see how things go from there though

    Neil Burgess 17/10/2022 am4:07
  • Cameron 17/10/2022 am4:07
  • The bread crumb is very bland tasting.

    Jarrod W 17/10/2022 am4:07
  • What type of yeast is this? Instant? Great video!

    Ben Wiley 17/10/2022 am4:07
  • Your videos are amazing. Thank you 🥰

    SouthernTasties 17/10/2022 am4:07
  • When I make the poolish with 150g room temp water, 150g AP flour, and pinch of yeast, my poolish is much much much thicker than what you demonstrate. The poolish is okay… still thicker than what you have when you add it to the dough. Am I doing something wrong, or am I measuring the grams wrong? I always weigh everything.

    Amy Bee 17/10/2022 am4:07
  • ffs, stop wasting clingfilm and piling up needless plastic waste … use a simple plate/lid like people with common sense do

    Die Dampfbrasse 17/10/2022 am4:07
  • Great video and bread. Why do you put flour into the hot Dutch oven (method 3) prior to placing the dough inside?

    Dan C 17/10/2022 am4:07
  • Tossing a boule into a dutch oven like that was alarming. I'm always terrified of degassing so I'm super gentle with it.

    john sprague 17/10/2022 am4:07
  • made my mouth drool

    Andrei Barbu 17/10/2022 am4:07
  • Is the third loaf a double dough recipe? I can't get mine nearly that big.

    Totally Unfiltered 17/10/2022 am4:07
  • Thank you!!!!

    PINK FIN PRODUCTION 17/10/2022 am4:07
  • I followed all the instructions to the letter, but my 'slacky boy' won't come together. No matter how long I work it, it stays a sticky mess 😭. What can I do?

    gustacular 17/10/2022 am4:07
  • Nice video

    Not Sure What’s Cookin 17/10/2022 am4:07
  • beginner recipy,… still so many techniques used that will eventually determine how easy it really is… 😀

    CarrotTech 17/10/2022 am4:07
  • The best loaf staddles in a line between "theres coal in it" and "Very very brown"

    Bruh 17/10/2022 am4:07
  • I followed this to the T and either I had bad yeast or something didn't work. I tried 2 separate times and both ended terribly 😔

    Anwar 17/10/2022 am4:07
  • I just finished making method 2. Taste amazing but I realized to late my house might be a bit I cook for proper rising. Is 60 f to cold and if so can I just extend the times?

    Like I said the taste is amazing just didn’t get the rise I was expecting.

    James 17/10/2022 am4:07
  • My dough doesn't rise

    Nayan Mipun 17/10/2022 am4:07
  • Tried #1 and measured to the gram. Unworkably wet dough (even after adding way too much flour to try to get some semblance of what was in the video). Unfortunately never managed to get much shape at all.

    Azul 17/10/2022 am4:07
  • Hi, has this recipe accounted for the additional water introduced by the recommended "wet hand mixing method"? I've seen other bakers caution against disruption the flour / water balance by over flouring and in some cases, recommend using a lightly oiled hand instead.

    Tom 17/10/2022 am4:07
  • What if only using hard red wheat or hard white? I'm new to making bread but when you added all purpose vs sticking to one type of wheat it threw me off. Also can you use instant yeast instead of active dry?

    Mark DLT 17/10/2022 am4:07
  • 3rd attempt making this bread today… Was wondering why why my dough was soooo wet, my dumbass realised just now that I messed up the water content on the poolish. Added 1 cup instead of ⅔ cup of water… 4th time's the charm I guess
    P.s. the bread was still amazing though

    딸기 가 좋아 17/10/2022 am4:07
  • Rustic and really pretty

    Thought for Food 17/10/2022 am4:07
  • Why did my dough turn out like soup when I totally followed the recipe?

    Marc 17/10/2022 am4:07
  • Could I let the dough rise over night while in the proofing basket (and perhaps in the fridge?), with the aim of having fresh bread in the morning?

    Ben Goudsmit 17/10/2022 am4:07
  • Love the recipe but my poolish sat for about 20 hours then I prepared the loaf for #3 large loaf for the Dutch oven and let it refrigerate overnight because it was late… but when I baked it the next morning it just did not rise any more so looks like a 1/2 loaf to me. Usually a slow cold bread rises well, but I'm wondering if it was too much using the poolish?

    Jayne dolan Hall 17/10/2022 am4:07
  • Some of the best Explanation for a beginner like me bread maker. Thank you Brian

    gerald schwartz 17/10/2022 am4:07
  • Wasn't able to find whole wheat flour, can I use AP with a 1:1 ratio instead?

    Irakli Shengelia 17/10/2022 am4:07
  • Perfect !

    Dario Venturini 17/10/2022 am4:07
  • Hi Bri, love your channel and I've used this reciepie a few times and getting better results but have had to roll back on the fluid. I've found 280g water on top of the poulish makes the dough almost liquid and impossible to work. I'm going with 240g but still need plenty of flour to work the dough. The dutch oven method is great though.

    Andy Moody 17/10/2022 am4:07