【How to make Tempura】Easy preparation beautiful green color/Okra tempura with thin batter

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This time we will explain the okra tempura that is fried in thin batter.
Okra has a good color by removing surface hair, so it fried to a bright green color.
It does not have a tingling texture, be sure to remove the surface hair.
The head, the stem part at the tip and the boundary line are hard, so remove it.
However, there are some restaurant that fry them without removing them, so in the video we fry them without removing.
Applying the base flour thin and evenly, batter will coating okra very beautiful.
Please try it at home.

Ingredients: okra
batter: flour :130g
cold water :300ml

Music :musmus [light up delight]



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  • Harro. Can this be baked in oven more healthy

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